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CDL Training Near Schnecksville

With access to major highways like Highway 309 and Highway 873, it is obvious that Schnecksville is an important trucking town in Pennsylvania. Significant employers in this city are Werner Enterprises, Horwith Trucks, and CRS Logistics. There are almost 3,000 people living in this city.You may be looking for a career that allows you to get started and begin earning money without years of education. Truck driving may be a good career move for you, particularly if you have a clean driving record and can motivate yourself to work independently. Schnecksville may be an excellent place to begin your career, as it has two schools with truck driving programs.

It’s possible to choose from a variety of programs in Schnecksville. At SAGE Truck Driving School, you can choose from at least five programs. They range in length from 40 hours for a Class B license to 2,150 hours for an advanced training course.