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CDL Training Near North Versailles

North Versailles is a city in Pennsylvania with a low cost of living. There are over 10,000 people currently living in this area. Lincoln Highway is the main trucking route in this area. Major trucking employers include John A. Bolden & Son Trucking and Russ Saula Trucking.If you want to begin a career that offers job security and the potential to increase your income, have you ever considered becoming a truck driver? Starting a career in Pennsylvania can allow you to drive all over the country or just in the state.

There’s one truck driving school in the city of North Versailles: Swanson’s Truck Driving School. At this school, you can benefit from job search assistance. The school uses its connections within the trucking industry to help students find rewarding trucking jobs. You can even try to find a job that reimburses its students for educational costs.