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CDL Training Near Exton

Pennsylvania takes its trucking industry seriously, as seen by its annual Truck Driving Championship. There are many large trucking companies you can work for, including Gordon A. Hill and Lemon Intermodal Logistics. As an Exton resident, you can enjoy low crime rates and a stable housing market.If you are getting ready to start your diesel career in Pennsylvania, Exton is one of many cities with a range of opportunities for you to consider. There are two schools in this area that offer diesel technology courses: Automotive Training Center and the Universal Technical Institute of Pennsylvania. They have an average scholarship award of $8,779, making it easier than ever for you to pay for your education.

As a diesel technology student, your work won’t be limited to the classroom. Instead, at schools like Automotive Training Center, you spend close to 50% of your time in the garage working on real vehicles.The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers in this area earn an average salary of $44,280 per year. Light truck drivers in this area earn an average of $34,750 per year (BLS, 2013).