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CDL Training Near Erie

Erie can be a very affordable city to live in, with a cost of living that’s 22% below the national average. Highways that run through Erie include Perry Highway and I-90. Barnhart Transportation, Team Hardinger, and Durst Warehouse are some of the largest Erie trucking employers.The field of trucking has a growing need for skilled truck drivers that are willing to drive around the country, transport goods and drive safely. If you would like to get started in this career, there’s one school in Erie that you can attend. Fortis Institute offers two training programs: a Class A licensure program and an advanced driving program.

Whichever program you decide to complete, you can earn a diploma at the end of your training. The program at Fortis Institute encompasses several hundred hours of training. These hours are split between the classroom and behind the wheel of a truck.

CDL Training Near Erie

Fortis Institute - Erie

PA Pride CDL Training - Erie