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CDL Training Near Bessemer

Bessemer, a city of 1,000 people, has a cost of living that’s 22% below the national average. U.S. Route 11, Pennsylvania Highway 161, and Pennsylvania Highway 317 go through this city. Local trucking employers include Bessemer Supply, Sheehan Trucking, and Martin Trucking.Bessemer has one school that can help you reach your goal of becoming a commercial truck driver. Transport Tech can help you learn about safe driving laws, master driving techniques, and prepare for the licensing process in Pennsylvania. By the time you graduate, you should be ready to get your Class A or Class B driver’s license.

To prepare to earn a license, you must learn how to drive a straight truck or tractor-trailer. If you just want to drive a straight truck, you can pursue a Class B license. If you want to drive both straight trucks and tractor-trailers, you need a Class A license.