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CDL Training Near Troutdale

The small city of Troutdale, which is home to over 16,000 people, has a relatively low cost of living. You may travel on local highways like Columbia River Highway and State Route 14. Local trucking companies include Sherman Brothers, Andrus Transportation Services, and Cardinal.You may have noticed the tremendous growth in the trucking industry over recent years. That’s why now may be a great time to begin a career as a truck driver. Truck drivers may enjoy job security, the potential to earn a great salary, and upward growth. There is one trucking school n the city of Troutdale, Oregon: U.S. Truck Driving School.

At U.S. Truck Driving School, you can enjoy lifetime job placement services. This school partners with major trucking companies to help their students find jobs. They offer lifetime job assistance, so you can benefit from their contacts even if you change carriers.