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CDL Training Near Gene Autry

Increase Your Opportunities with Trucker Training in Gene Autry

If you are on the lookout for a career opportunity that can significantly boost your earning potential, truck driving may be the job for you. In Gene Autry, there are two truck driving schools that can get you the experience you need to succeed in this field. . To make the best decision, contact both schools and compare their programs to your needs. Be sure to keep in mind your schedule and responsibilities, as well as your goals for employment. Most schools have career placement assistance to help students after they complete their training.

Benefits of Gene Autry Trucking Schools

Both Gene Autry driving schools have small class sizes. This can make it easier for you to ask questions, get one-on-one help from your instructors, and spend plenty of time behind the wheel. Whether you decide to pursue a Class A license or Class B license, you can plan on spending a lot of time getting hands-on experience.

Living the Trucking Life in Gene Autry

Due in part to its low cost of living, Gene Autry can be an excellent city for new truck drivers. There are many significant trucking companies in this area, including Averitt Express, Transforce, and Modern Transportation. Oklahoma Highway 53 and I-10 are two of the largest highways in Gene Autry. Those who decide to drive tractor-trailers in the Gene Autry area earn an average annual salary of $37,160 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). People who drive light trucks earn an average of $27,550 (BLS, 2013).

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