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CDL Training Near Catoosa

If you decide to live and study in Catoosa, you can enjoy the city’s very low cost of living. The main highway that runs through Catoosa is Highway 66. Trucking companies in this area include Diamond S. Trucking, Snowy Owl Transportation USA, and Miles Shipping Corporation.How would you like to start a new career that offers job security and the ability to earn a high salary? Trucking may be the field for you. The trucking industry in the Midwest has many job opportunities for truck drivers.

In the city of Catoosa, Fleet Training Inc. is the main truck driving school. When you attend school in this city, you can earn a Class A driver’s license that prepares you for a variety of truck driving jobs. This program lasts between six and eight weeks. By the time you graduate, you’ll have accumulated a mix of classroom hours and driving hours.