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CDL Training Near Trenturv

Trenturv, much like other parts of Ohio, is a fairly affordable place to live. You may be expected to navigate some of the area’s most prominent highways, including Ohio State Route 89, Ohio State Route 225, and Ohio State Route 88. Local trucking companies include Silvan Trucking, Jet Express, and Logan Trucking.The truck driving field in Ohio is a popular choice for many people that want to start a new career without spending years in school. Have you ever considered becoming a truck driver and navigating Ohio’s main highways? In the city of Trenturv, there is one truck driving school that you can attend: Millis Training Institute.

Since Millis Training Institute is connected to Millis Transfer, a local trucking company, graduates may be offered a truck driving position after graduation. This program lasts just four weeks, so you can complete your training and start your career fairly quickly.