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CDL Training Near New Waterford

There are few industries in the Midwest that do not rely on trucking; farming, food production, and retail all need regular cross-state and cross-country deliveries. If you live in New Waterford, you can begin your trucking career at ATDA. Truck driving is a rewarding, lucrative career that offers you job stability. . Be sure to contact ATDA today to learn more about their driving programs.

Get Your License and Hit the Road

Even better, you can earn your commercial driver’s license very quickly. Most full-time programs can be finished in under two months. While most truck driving courses do not qualify for federal student loans, you can still get help with your educational costs. Your school may help you find an employer that will reimburse you for your training costs. Plus, many schools offer career placement assistance to help you start your career on the right foot. Make sure to ask ATDA what relationships they have with local employers.

The Trucking Life in New Waterford

With a cost of living that rests 21% below the national average, the small city of Waterford has lots to offer its 1,200 residents. Enjoy easy access to local trucking routes Highway 14 and Highway 46 when you work for companies like C.L. Trucking. The 3,700 heavy truck drivers in this area earn an average of $40,970 per year, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They note that light truck drivers have an average income of $33,430 (BLS, 2013).

Find out what your options are for truck driver training and jobs in Waterford. Contact ADTA below to learn more!