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CDL Training Near Marietta

Marietta trucking companies rely on local highways like Ohio Route 7, I-77, and Ohio Route 1. Major employers in this area include Iddings Trucking and Marietta Transfer Co. The cost of living in Marietta is 20% below the national average.If you’re ready to begin a career in trucking or diesel technology, there are four schools in the Marietta area that can help you. The average cost of tuition is $3,215, which is partially offset by the average scholarship award of $1,639. Several schools have small class sizes, including Mid-Ohio Valley Truck Driver Training and Washington County Career Truck Driver Training.

Programs vary from school to school. While you may be able to complete your training in four to six weeks at a dedicated trucking school, programs at technical colleges and community colleges tend to take longer. At Chattahoochee Technical College, you can complete your training in one semester.