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CDL Training Near Mansfield

With over 47,000 residents, Mansfield is a fairly large city in Ohio. Mansfield is located near many prominent Ohio highways, including Lincoln Highway, I-71, and U.S. Route 30. Some of the biggest trucking companies in this area are MWD Logistics, Dayton Freight, Skye Trucking Company, and YRC.The trucking industry in Ohio is a fast-growing field that can offer a range of opportunities to educated, skilled truck drivers. If you are ready to begin a new career in a matter of weeks, perhaps you should look into becoming a truck driver. The city of Mansfield is home to two truck driving schools: North Central Tech Truck Driver Training and PIA Trucking Program.

You can typically earn a Class A driver’s license in about five weeks at North Central Tech Truck Driver Training. This program requires you to attend classes Monday through Friday during the day.