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CDL Training Near Gnadenhutten

Get Moving as a Truck Driver in Gnadenhutten

The trucking industry is growing all over the country, especially in Midwestern states like Ohio. Becoming a truck driver can allow you to travel all over the country and enjoy a wide variety of career opportunities. If you want to study in Gnadenhutten, there are two truck driving schools. Both of these schools have small class sizes, which is very helpful when it comes to getting the one-on-one attention you need to succeed. Having personalized instruction will increase your chances of learning the skills carriers need in drivers.

Choosing the Right Truck Driving Program

To choose the right training course, you need to consider your career goals. A Class B course is the shorter option, while a Class A course may take up to eight weeks. Think how quickly you can get your career into gear with this kind of efficient training schedule. If you want to start a career that won’t keep you cooped up in an office, trucking can be a great way to go.

The carer Outlook for Truck Drivers in Gnadenhutten

The town of Gnadenhutten has just under 1,300 residents. Like many towns in the Midwest, it offers a very low cost of living. U.S. Route 36 gives truck drivers access to other Ohio highways. There are quite a few large trucking employers in Gnadenhutten, including Stocker Trucking and White Buffalo. Trucking salaries in the Gnadenhutten area are fairly similar to the national average. Heavy tractor-trailer drivers earn an average of $36,870 per year. Light truck drivers claim an average annual salary of $31,810 (BLS, 2013).

Don’t wait any longer to find out the information you need to make the right decision for your training. Contact the schools below to compare their programs today!