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CDL Training Near Williston

There are new truck bypasses going up all over North Dakota, indicating the importance of the trucking industry. Highways in this area include U.S. Highway 2 and U.S. Highway 85. Local trucking companies include Deer Valley Trucking, Black Hills Trucking, and Red River Supply.Williston, North Dakota, has two schools that offer trucking industry programs. One school, Dakota Driving School, offers a truck driving program. The other option, Williston State College, has a diesel technology program. The overall average cost of technology is $4,182 and the average scholarship award is $3,459.

You can expect to complete your trucking education in four to eight weeks. However, a diesel technology degree takes considerably more time. You can earn an Associate’s degree, which includes 60 credits, in two years. You may also earn a certificate in one year. Both types of programs have lots of hands-on experience.The average trucking salaries in Williston are significantly higher than the national average salaries. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy truck drivers earn an average of $53,900. Those who drive light trucks earn a median salary of $37,810 (BLS, 2013).