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CDL Training Near Page

Truck Driving Schools in Page, North Dakota

If you want a career that will literally take you places, consider CDL training in Page. If you want to start your truck driving career inside the city limits of Page, you can attend AJM Behind the Wheel Driving. This school offers small class sizes and hands-on training, so it’s easy for you to get the personalized education you need and spend lots of time driving. However, don’t limit your choices to just one school. It is okay to search beyond the boundaries of Page for schools. After all, you’re getting ready to start a life on the road, so you shouldn’t shy away from a little distance and driving.

Choosing the Right Truck Driving School

When you compare the truck driving opportunity to other education options, you realize how quickly you can become a truck driver. If you pursue a Class B license, you can often graduate in as little as two weeks. You may be able to complete a Class A program in four to eight weeks. Make sure you contact the school and ask them about your concerns before enrolling. Make sure you discuss career placement for graduates, and what employers in which they have a relationship. Questions like these can help you narrow down which school matches your wants and needs best.

Some other important questions you should consider asking are about things like cost and whether financial aid is available to you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about those relationships with companies, as some offer tuition reimbursement which could make going to school easier on you. Also, think about asking questions in regard to your actual training: what kind of equipment will you be using, how many miles will you be driving, what is your daily/weekly schedule going to be like, and what are some prerequisites that you need to take care of before you can enroll?

Additionally, ask about whether or not they offer additional training. Similar to pursuing a doctoral degree at a university, more, specialized training can help you get ahead in your truck driving career. See if the school offers training related to endorsements such as HazMat or Tanker trucks. This can be beneficial to you as these drivers are often in higher demand, and subsequently paid better, due to the nature of the haul. Lastly, if you need more convincing, ask if they have a former graduate you can talk to. Testimonials from former graduates can help shed some light on what a student goes through, and not necessarily what the admissions staff “thinks” you’ll go through.

Driving in Page, North Dakota

Page is one of the smallest cities in North Dakota, with just over 200 residents. Many large highways run through this area, including North Dakota Highway 8 and North Dakota Highway 46. Due to new truck bypasses in North Dakota, there are lots of new routes for Page truck drivers. Regardless of the small size, Page can be your place for big opportunity in the trucking industry.

With so many trucking companies in North Dakota, you may be able to earn a great salary as a truck driver. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that tractor-trailer drivers earn, on average, $35,260 per year. The reported average salary for light truck drivers is $27,360 per year (BLS, 2013).

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