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CDL Training Near Roxboro

There are over 8,300 people living in Roxboro that benefit from the city’s extremely low cost of living. North Carolina Highway 57 and North Carolina Highway 49 are important highways in this city. Local employers include Matt’s Trucking, JH Oliver Trucking, American Trucking, and H.F. Martin Trucking.Truck drivers are a cornerstone of this nation’s economy, and this is particularly true for North Carolina, a state that revolves around its trucking industry. You can learn how to drive a straight truck or tractor-trailer in truck driving school. Piedmont Truck Driving School is the only trucking school in Roxboro.

If you only want to drive straight trucks throughout the duration of your career, you may be able to start with a Class B license. This requires about two weeks of study. A Class A license may permit you to drive tractor-trailers as well; this may require about eight weeks of study.