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CDL Training Near Washingtonville

Washingtonville is a fairly small city that is currently home to about 5,800 people. Two main New York highways meet in Washingtonville: New York Route 94 and New York Route 208. Local trucking employers include Spindler Bulk Transport, Kirkpatrick Trucking, J.B. Hunt, Medline Industries, and Mondelez International.Are you interested in a career that involves traveling, working independently, and often getting paid a rewarding salary? A career in truck driving may be ideal for you. If you live in the city of Washingtonville, you can consider one truck driving school in the area. L & M CDS is a commercial driving school that can help you earn a Class A or Class B license.

This school can help you prepare for your new career throughout the course of your education. They may offer interview training and even help you set up interviews with local truck driving companies.