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CDL Training Near Rome

Rome is an important trucking city in New York. It is home to many trucking companies, like Marocchi Trucking, Rome Express, LP Trucking & Excavating, and M & L Trucking. Major highways used by these companies include New York State Route 49, New York State Route 365, and County Highway 50.A truck driving career has many benefits—it may allow you to travel extensively, earn a rewarding salary, and grow throughout the course of your career. To start, consider a training course in Rome, New York. SAGE is the one truck driving school in this area, providing a mix of classroom hours and on-the-road hours.

There are several advantages to attending SAGE, including their career assistance. They network with major trucking employers in Rome to help students find jobs after graduation. They may even find employers that are willing to reimburse students for their tuition expenses.