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CDL Training Near Plattsburg

Get Rockin’ Down the Highway with a Trucking Career

The trucking industry of New England is always looking for hardworking, educated truck drivers. Take advantage of this driver shortage by completing a truck driving course in Plattsburg. Champlain Valley Educational Services is the one school in Plattsburg that has a trucking course. When you contact them, ask about career services and endorsements (such as HazMat, school bus, etc.) you can earn to be more valuable to employers. If you are looking for CDL-A programs in Plattsburg, contact Champlain today to discuss your options!

Paying for Your CDL Training in Plattsburg

There are several ways to pay for your education. You may qualify for a discount if you pay in full and upfront. However, there are also numerous grant and scholarship opportunities in Plattsburg. The career services department of your school may be able to help you find a job that’s willing to reimburse your tuition and other expenses.

What’s in Store for Truck Drivers in Plattsburg

Many large trucking companies are headquartered in Plattsburg, including Teal’s Express, Nunn’s Express, and Ridgeway International USA. They may require you to be comfortable driving on local highways, including New York State Route 3 and New York State Route 190. If you decide to start your career here, you may be able to take advantage of a low cost of living. In this community, heavy truck drivers can earn an average of $39,050 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). With an average salary of $32,020, light truck drivers earn slightly less than heavy truck drivers (BLS, 2013).

Make this the day you decide to move forward in your career! Contact Champlain Valley Educational Services today to learn more about their truck driver training in Plattsburg!