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CDL Training Near New York City

Working with a NYC CDL

New York can be a fairly expensive place to live, since the cost of living is about 48% higher than the national average. However, your salary will likely be higher because of that. Major trucking employers in this city include Ground Force Limited and KOG Transport.

Don’t wait to pursue the trucking or diesel mechanic training you need to qualify for a new career! Contact New York University to learn more about their programs!

Consider CDL Training in NYC

Are you ready to become a truck driver and earn a lucrative salary? There is one school in New York City that gives you the training you need: New York University. Tuition is $43,204 and the average scholarship is a sizable $17,672. This school offers small class sizes—the average class has 11 students.

Find Truck Driving Schools in NYC

You can choose a diesel technology or trucking program that offers comprehensive training. You can finish your truck driving training in six to eight weeks, and you may be able to finish even quicker if you earn a Class B license. You can earn a diesel technology certificate in one year. When you contact New York University, make sure you ask them about earning endorsements, such as HazMat, passenger, double, triple, and multiple trailer.