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CDL Training Near Kingston

With a huge spike in manufacturing in May of 2014, New York is a promising state for new truck drivers. Major highways in Kingston are I-87, New York Highway 209, and New York Highway 32. Some of the biggest trucking companies are New York Trucking LLC and AMC Trucking Corporation.If you want to start a truck driving career in the city of Kingston, there’s one school that can help you get where you need to go: Commercial Driver Training. This driving school is conveniently located near three major highways, offering you plenty of versatile driving opportunities.

You may want to begin preparing for your truck driving career while still completing your education. Your school may offer career placement services. Early in your program, you may attend interview assistance courses. After graduating, you can use your school’s connections in the industry to find a career that may reimburse you for your educational costs.The average salaries for truck drivers in this area are slightly higher than the national average. Heavy truck drivers earn an average of $40,040 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). The median income for a light truck driver is $33,830 (BLS, 2013).