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CDL Training Near Hastings

Get the Skills to Hit the Road with Truck Driver Training in Hastings

In Hastings, there is one truck driving school that can provide you with the skills you need to start a new career. Central Square Driving Academy, which is located directly on the highway, offers a blend of classroom and practical education. This school also has small class sizes.This school also has small class sizes. Central may also be able to help you earn endorsements, like HazMat, which can boost your earning potential and make you more valuable to employers!

Choosing the Right CDL Program

You can choose between a Class A training program and a Class B course. While a Class A license does take more time, it also tends to give you the most career opportunities. Class A courses typically take between three and eight weeks. To earn a Class B license, plan on being in school for one to two weeks.

Join the Hastings Trucking Community

The already-large trucking industry in New York is growing quickly. A recent change offers more workers’ rights than truck drivers enjoyed previously. There are currently approximately 9,000 people living in Hastings. Major trucking companies in the area include Riccelli Enterprises, NCP Carriers, and Swift Transportation. In general, trucking salaries in this area are much higher than the national average. Those who drive heavy trucks earn a median salary of $47,300 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). Those who drive light trucks have an average salary of $37,650 (BLS, 2013).

Take the next step toward a career in the trucking industry. Contact the schools below to learn about their truck driving programs in Hastings today!