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CDL Training Near Brooklyn

Truck Driving in the Brooklyn Area

Major truck driving employers in this area include JRC Transportation, RCC Auto Transport, and International Freight Corporation. Major highways in the area include Kings Highway and I-280, so familiarize yourself with these routes because you will more than likely be driving them often.

Brooklyn Truck Driving Schools

Let’s be serious. You’re here because you have an interest in truck driver training and you’re not sure where to go. We specialize in helping prospective driving students connect with truck driving schools so they can find the job they want. With All Trucking you can search for and request information from trucking schools in the Brooklyn area as well as the surrounding NYC metropolitan area.

Find the Right New York CDL Training Program for You

Becoming a truck driver can give you the skills you need to have a stable career. In Brooklyn, there are a handful of schools that offer truck driving training. Each of these schools can give you enough training to earn a Class A license or Class B license. The big thing you need to do is talk to these schools about your goals. Sound easy enough? We recommend writing down all your questions and list the kinds of jobs you want. When you speak with instructors you can let them know what you’re thinking.

Some things you need to consider asking are things like the school’s program length to make sure it fits in with your schedule and timeline, the cost of the program, is there any financial aid available for you, do they offer training for endorsements like Hazmat, and how many miles a week will you be driving? Most schools allow you to complete your training in four to eight weeks. If your school has an accelerated training program, you may be able to finish your training in about three weeks. But the only way you’re going to know the answers to these questions is to contact the schools and ask.

Finally, be sure to ask if they have any connections with local companies that hire from their school. The more connections you can make before you graduate, the better because they can often help you get a job, and that is the main reason for getting your truck driver training in the first place.

Truck drivers earn in your area may earn a wide range of salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that tractor-trailer drivers in New York City earn an average salary of $45,920 per year. They note that delivery drivers get an average salary of $37,400 per year (BLS, 2013).

So, what do you do now? Use the links below to start requesting information from the schools that interest you the most. You could be on your way to a new and exciting career in the trucking industry today!