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CDL Training Near Tucumcari

Tucumcari is a mid-sized New Mexico city with just over 5,200 residents. The area has a very low cost of living. Major highways that run through Tucumcari include State Highway 54 and I-40. Local trucking companies include Pacheco’s Trucking and Gold Star Freight Services.Are you considering a career in truck driving? It doesn’t matter whether you want to drive locally or take a truck out onto the open road, your path may start with a truck driving education. In the city of Tucumcari, there’s one school that may have the course you need: Mesalands Community College.

At Mesalands Community College, you can complete your truck driving training while earning credits towards a college degree. You can typically expect to complete your training in less than one semester. The program should include plenty of driving hours to prepare you for your driving skills test.