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CDL Training Near Hobbs

The city of Hobbs is known for its low cost of living. Lovington Highway, New Mexico Highway 62, and New Mexico Highway 180 are all conveniently located in this area. Local employers include Wilbanks Trucking, Pate Trucking, Lobo Trucking, and Key Energy Services.A truck driving career in New Mexico can take you through the deserts of New Mexico or around the entire country, depending on what type of truck you drive. If you think a career in this field may be right for you, you can begin your education with a truck driving program. The one truck driving program in Hobbs is offered by New Mexico Junior College. Tuition is fairly affordable at this school

To earn a certificate in truck driving, you must take a variety of classes, including Operational and Skills Safety, Basic Operational Theory, Introduction to Petroleum Safety, and two different lab courses.