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CDL Training Near Farmington

Farmington is an important part of New Mexico’s transportation industry, as it has major employers like C & J Trucking Company, RAC Transport, Care Express Transportation, and U.S. Transport. Highways in this area include Highway 64 and U.S. Route 550. Approximately 45,800 people live in Farmington.If you’re considering a new career in the transportation industry, there are two main routes you can go in New Mexico: truck driving and diesel technology. If you live in the city of Farmington, you can get an education in either of these fields. San Juan College is an affordable school with an average tuition rate of $1,224. The average scholarship award is $866.

Earning a diesel technology degree can prepare you for entry-level work as a diesel technician. This program takes about two years. The commercial truck driving program only requires eight weeks of study.