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CDL Training Near Clovis

Experience the Thrill of a Trucking Career in Clovis

Whether you have lots of experience driving a tractor-trailer or no experience at all, you could have the skills needed for a truck driving program in Clovis. There is one school, Clovis Community College, that has a truck driving education program. With the school’s small class sizes, you can get to know your instructors and learn the information thoroughly. If you want to learn more about earning your CDL-A or endorsements that employers may require, use our site to locate truck driving schools in the Clovis area.

Hit the Road with Truck Driving School in Clovis

In general, you should plan on a four-to-eight week commitment when you enroll in trucking school. Some programs run longer if they do not run for 40 hours per week. After graduating, you may be ready to sit for your Class A driving exam.

The Trucking Life in Clovis

Thanks to its low cost of living and stable housing market, Clovis can be a great city to settle down in. There are quite a few major trucking companies, like Windmill Inc., Triple L, and RAC Transport. Highways that run through this area include U.S. Highway 60 and U.S. Highway 84.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tractor-trailer drivers in this part of New Mexico receive an average salary of $33,730 per year. Light truck drivers report an average salary of $30,130 (BLS, 2013).

Find out how you can complete truck driver training and start working in Clovis! Contact the schools in your area today to compare programs.