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CDL Training Near Union City

Union City has a sizable population of over 67,700 people. There are quite a few major highways that run through Union City, including County Route 501 and U.S. Highway 9. Primary trucking employers in this city include American Expediting Company, Windspeed Logistics, and G. Sayegh Trucking Company.Are you ready to start a career that provides opportunities for advancement, the ability to travel, and a lucrative salary? Look into becoming a truck driver in Union City. There’s one school in this area: E-Z Wheels Driving School. This school gives you the chance to earn a Class B or Class A driver’s license.

Because it’s a dedicated truck driving school, E-Z Wheels Driving School lets you complete your education more quickly. You can earn a Class B driver’s license in just one to two weeks. If you would rather earn a Class A license, you can do so in six weeks.