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CDL Training Near Toms River

With over 88,000 residents, Toms River is a fairly large New Jersey city. Its cost of living is slightly lower than the New Jersey average. Local trucking employers include Felton Trucking, KAD Corporation, Alan’s Trucking, and KTB Trucking. Highway 37 goes through this city.New Jersey’s transportation industry is always on the lookout for skilled truck drivers and diesel mechanics that can push the truck driving industry forward. If you’re considering becoming a diesel mechanic, look into Ocean County Vocational-Technical School, the main school in Toms River that offers this program.

The diesel engine technology program at Ocean County Vocational-Technical School is designed to be completed in two years. Throughout these two years, you can plan on spending a total of 900 hours in school. This program has a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, so plan on spending lots of time in the lab.