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CDL Training Near Elizabeth

Steer Your Career Towards Success with Truck Driving Schools in Elizabeth

Are you interested in starting a career in a growing industry that offers growth opportunities and a secure job outlook? The trucking field may have what you’re looking for. You can become a truck driver or diesel mechanic to secure your place in the New Jersey trucking industry. If you are looking for CDL-A programs in Elizabeth, or endorsements that employers look for (such as HazMat), contact the schools listed below to learn more!

Take Your CDL Training to the Next Level

Truck driving programs are the shorter option of the two. You can complete a Class A program, the most comprehensive option, in less than eight weeks. You may be able to earn a Class B license in just under two weeks. A diesel technology certificate generally requires one to two years of study.

The Elizabeth Trucking Scene

Elizabeth is one of the larger cities in New Jersey, with a population of almost 125,000 people. Two major highways, New Jersey Route 25 and New Jersey Route 439, run through Elizabeth. Local trucking employers include Atlantic Central Logistics, Bilkays Express, Mate Trucking, and Shipco Transport. Truck drivers in this metropolitan area may earn well over the national average when it comes to annual salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that heavy truck drivers earn an average of $47,300 per year. People who drive light trucks have a median income of $37,650 annually (BLS, 2013).

Move into the fast lane and find quality diesel mechanic training or CDL-A programs in Elizabeth that can help you land the job you want in the trucking industry!