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CDL Training Near Winnemucca

Known for its low cost of living, Winnemucca features low housing prices. There are several major highways that run through this city, like Nevada State Route 140 and U.S. Route 95. You may come across major trucking companies like Transwood, Igo Trucking, and Humboldt Freight.Are you ready for a new career that may take you all over Nevada? Truck driving is a field that’s seen considerable growth across the country. If you live in Winnemucca, there’s one school that offers a truck driving program. JOIN is a prominent trucking school that’s located near two main highways.

As you prepare to attend truck driving school, it’s important to prepare for a comprehensive education in trucking. You can plan on learning about Nevada driving laws, the different parts of a tractor-trailer, and how to ensure that your truck is running smoothly. The second part of your education may cover safe driving techniques.