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CDL Training Near North Las Vegas

Find Truck Driver Training in North Las Vegas

If you’re ready for a new career and don’t want to spend years studying inside a classroom, a truck driving career may be right for you. You can become a truck driver and change your future in as little as one month. Just outside of the main city of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas has quite a few truck driving career opportunities. Southwest Truck Driver Training is one of the trucking schools in this area, offering you the opportunity to complete your Class A or Class B training.

Choosing the Right Truck Driving School

So, you’ve finally decided that a career on the open road is right for you, but you’re not sure where to start. Luckily you’ve come to All Trucking. We help you find truck driving schools in the North Las Vegas area, as well as the surrounding community. While there are only a couple of schools directly in the North Las Vegas area, do not limit yourself to looking just within the city limits. Be sure to compare schools in your town with those in Las Vegas, and even cities a little further away. After all, driving a little ways shouldn’t scare you away if you want to become a truck driver.

There are a number of criteria that you should consider when deciding on a truck driving school. One of the most important is cost. How much does tuition cost and do you qualify for any financial assistance? Or does the school have any relationships with employers that offer tuition reimbursement upon hire?

Other important things to consider involve the school and the training you will receive. A good sign of a quality school is the graduation and career placement rates. Schools that have more graduates with jobs in the trucking industry in a good indication that the school will give you the skills you need to land a job. Also, make sure to ask questions like what type of equipment you will train on, how many miles will you drive before course completion, do they offer both Class-A and Class-B CDLs, and how many hours will you spend in the classroom vs out on the road?

Lastly, ask about endorsement training. Endorsements are specialized training indicated on your CDL that can help your chances of getting hired, and earning more money than your fellow drivers. The reason for this is because an endorsement shows that you have been trained in a certain type of driving like HazMat or multi-trailer. By having more endorsements, it greatly increases the number of jobs you qualify for, and because of the rarity of drivers with endorsements pay more to get to drivers.

Get out of the classroom and hit the road!

It’s important to plan on a full-time commitment while you are in truck driving school. Most courses run for 40 hours per week. You can usually graduate in four to eight weeks. Since AIT has small class sizes, you can work through material quickly. You will receive classroom training, but the real experience comes when you get behind the wheel. Make sure you talk to AIT to learn more about their program and what employers they have relationships with.

Driving in North Las Vegas

Even though it is outside of the metropolitan Las Vegas area, North Las Vegas has over 223,000 residents. The cost of living is fairly low for the area and on par with the national average. Major trucking employers in this area include UCL Inc. and Con-Way Freight.

Trucking professionals in the Las Vegas area may earn relatively high salaries. The average salary for a tractor-trailer driver is $41,150 per year, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who drive light trucks report an average income of $34,180.

Find out how quickly you can hit the road with quality truck driver training!