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CDL Training Near Boulder City

Trucking in Boulder City

With large trucking companies like J V Enterprises, North Caribbean Transport, and Double J Transport, Boulder City is a promising city for new truck drivers. There are over 15,000 residents and a cost of living that is in line with the national average, and within such a close proximity to Las Vegas, there may be lots of opportunities out there for you. The BLS reports that Heavy and Tractor Trailer Truck Drivers earn on average more than $41,000 a year in your area. There are also many large highways in this area, including I-15 and I-40 that you might want to become familiar with, as they may become a regular part of your job.

So what’re ya waitin’ for? Contact the school below or use the Las Vegas link in the side bar to see additional schools in your area and find out how soon you can a brand new trucking job under your belt!

Find Truck Driver Training in Boulder City

Truck driving can be a rewarding career that can help you see the country while earning a living. Even better, you only need to spend two to eight weeks completing your truck driving course. There is one school in Boulder City that offers truck driving training: A-1 Truck Driver Training. However, being so close to Vegas, you can expand your search as there are a number of additional truck driving schools in Las Vegas.

What You Need to Know Before You Start Your CDL Training

The length of your training depends on what type of license you want to earn. A Class-B license may only require two to four weeks of school, while a Class-A license may take between four and eight weeks. Regardless of which class you choose, having all of your questions answered ahead of time, will help you make the best decision and reduce any regret you may have.

Some common questions to ask when trying to decide on which school to attend are things like: Do they offer financial assistance, what types of trucks will I be learning on, how many miles will I drive to get my license, is it all local driving or is there OTR (over the road) driving as well? You should also ask whether or not the school offers classes on specialized endorsements such as HazMat, double/triple trailer, and passenger. The more endorsements you hold, the more options you will have when you go to look for a job. They can also help you earn more money, as they are in higher demand.

Finally, talk to the school and ask them about what relationships they have with trucking companies in the area (or abroad). You’ll find it much easier to get a job if a school has relationships with companies because they tend to actively hire from a school because they know what types of drivers they are going to get as well as what type of training they have.