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CDL Training Near Strafford

Since State Highway 125 and State Highway A intersect in Strafford, it is an important city in Missouri’s trucking industry. This city enjoys a cost of living that is 17% below the national average. Major employers in this area include YRC Freight, R+L Carriers, and RBX.The field of truck driving continues to grow even as other industries fluctuate with the economy. You can take advantage of this opportunity by earning your commercial driver’s license and becoming a truck driver. C-1 Truck Driver Training is the main truck driving school in Strafford.

C-1 Truck Driver Training offers a very fast-paced training program. Within three weeks of starting, you can get the education you need to earn a Class A driver’s license. Once you finish your training program, you can find a job with the help of your job counselor. This school has connections with local trucking companies.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who drive tractor-trailers in this area have a median income of $42,250 per year. Drivers who choose to drive light trucks earn an average of $28,730 per year (BLS, 2013).