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CDL Training Near Meridian

Meridian is a mid-sized city with over 40,800 residents. The cost of living in this city is almost 20% below the national average. You may be able to work for a variety of trucking companies after graduation, including Shippers Express, Dot Trucking, and AAA Cooper Transportation.Have you ever considered becoming a truck driver? If so, the city of Meridian may have the educational opportunities you need. Meridian Community College offers a truck driving program; the average tuition cost in this area is $2,230 and the average scholarship award is $639.

The truck driving program at Meridian Community College lasts for eight weeks. You may cover rules and regulations, truck shifting, paperwork, and how to handle cargo. The program provides at least 20 hours of driving time to each student. After completing your course, you can complete an internship and work for a real truck driving company.

CDL Training Near Meridian

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