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CDL Training Near Rosemount

Minnesota is currently going through a huge truck driver shortage, putting you in the position to earn a great salary and even get a sign-on bonus. Rosemount is currently home to approximately 22,400 people. Local employers include Walbon & Company, Olson Carriers, and Rollie Sachs Trucking.If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver and enjoying a promising job outlook in Minnesota, there is one school in Rosemount that can help you get the education you need: Dakota County Tech College. This school offers you the chance to earn a Class A driver’s license in eight weeks of study. You spend a few weeks completing your classroom education, at which point you are ready to start your driving training.

Upon the completion of both parts of your trucking program, you should be ready to pass the commercial driver’s license exam. This exam includes both a written component and a skills component.In this area, truck drivers often earn salaries well above the national average. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that heavy truck drivers earn an average of $45,610 per year. The average salary for a light truck driver is $37,290 (BLS, 2013).