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CDL Training Near Minneapolis

Are you interested in starting a rewarding diesel or truck driving career in the large city of Minneapolis? Since this is one of the largest transportation hubs in Minnesota, there are many schools in this city that offer diesel mechanic training and truck driver training. Trucking schools in Minneapolis give you the chance to earn a Class A or Class B driver’s license. Depending on the school you attend, you may be able to get Hazmat certification as well. You can get driving experience driving on the many major highways in Minnesota.

If you decide to study diesel technology, you can earn a degree at one of the community colleges in Minneapolis. With this course of study, you can build a base of knowledge that teaches you how to repair many types of diesel vehicles.

What You’ll Learn in Class

When you begin your CDL training in Minneapolis, you may start your education in the classroom. In the classroom, you can learn about truck driving laws and the various parts that make up a truck. In addition, you’ll likely learn about what employers expect of truck drivers. This may include proper documentation techniques, weighing your truck at weigh stations, and on-the-road etiquette. If you will be testing for additional endorsements, like a Hazmat endorsement or passenger endorsement, the information for those exams will likely be covered in your classroom hours.

During your on-the-road training, you can learn how to drive a multiple, double, or triple-trailer. There are truck driving schools in Minneapolis that give you experience with more than one type of truck. Whichever type of truck you drive, you can work one-on-one with an instructor. You may begin in an off-road training area, where you master backing, parking, and basic maneuvers. When you demonstrate enough skill in this setting, you and your instructor may drive onto the main roads.

In a diesel technology program, you also get lots of hands-on experience. However, rather than spending your course hours on the open road, you will likely be in the garage.

Working as a Truck Driver in Minneapolis

The job outlook is fairly stable for Minnesota truck drivers, so there may be many trucking companies hiring once you complete your training. O*Net predicts a 7% increase in tractor-trailer trucking jobs between 2010 and 2020, which works out to over 800 jobs per year across Minnesota. They expect fewer job openings for light truck drivers (O*Net, 2010).

Average trucking salaries in Minneapolis are higher than the national averages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for a tractor-trailer driver is $45,610 per year. Their estimates indicate that light truck drivers earn a median salary of $37,290 annually (BLS, 2013).

Trucking Life in Minneapolis

As a Minneapolis truck driver, you may want to join the Minnesota Trucking Association. This group hosts continuing education courses and advocates for truck drivers by influencing Minnesota driving laws. They also host networking events, including National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and an annual fall golf outing. Joining a group like the Minnesota Trucking Association may help you find out about new job openings in the area.

There are many prominent truck driving companies in Minneapolis. As the demand for trucking services continues to grow, according to MNI, many of these employers may be looking for new drivers. Local trucking companies include West Side Transport, TMC Transportation, Werner Enterprises, and Lunderby Trucking. Some of these employers may hire local drivers. As the economy becomes more dependent on interstate transport, though, employers may be looking for CDL-A drivers. Obviously, CDL programs in Minneapolis can be the first step to a great career.