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CDL Training Near Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti is a rapidly-growing city in Michigan that currently has about 19,600 residents. Michigan Highway 17, U.S. Route 12, and U.S. Route 23 are all major trucking routes that go through Ypsilanti. Some of the largest trucking employers in this area are R+L Carriers, Specialize Global Logistic Services, and CMC Transportation.In the city of Ypsilanti, there’s one school that you may be able to attend to complete your trucking education. International Trucking School has a fast-paced truck driving course that is meant to get you on the road quickly.

Since the end goal of your education is to get a truck driving job, International Trucking School offers career services that can help you find a job. The career counselor may connect you with local companies that are hiring truck drivers. Some of these companies even reimburse new drivers for their education costs or offer sign-on bonuses to new drivers.