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CDL Training Near Westland

Westland is a mid-sized city that is currently home to almost 83,000 people. You can enjoy the city’s low cost of living. Highways in this area include Trinity Highway, Imperial Highway, and Groesbeck Highway. Local employers include Quick Send Delivery Service, Northfield Trucking Company, and Marten Transport.With over-the-road, local, and owner-operator truck driving jobs, the trucking industry in Michigan is booming. You can start the road to becoming a truck driver by attending Commercial Driver Certification, located in Westland. CDC has small class sizes, so you can get to know a small group of peers and ask plenty of questions.

The first part of your education will be spent in the classroom with these peers, learning Michigan driving laws and other information you need to know. However, once you start the driving part of your education, you work individually with one of the instructors at your school.The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy truck drivers in this metropolitan region get an average annual income of $39,140. They also indicate that the average salary for a light truck driver is $36,640 (BLS, 2013).