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CDL Training Near Warren

With major employers like James Burg Trucking, Tank Truck Services, and Central Transport International, Warren is a big city for new truckers. It is currently home to about 134,000 people. A number of important highways cut through Warren, including I-696, Michigan Highway 53, Michigan Highway 97, and Michigan Highway 102.Michigan plays a prominent part in the trucking industry of the United States. Its two peninsulas offer access to different parts of the country, allowing trucking companies to send truck drivers all over the United States. If you’re considering becoming a truck driver, your journey may start at Samba Express Driver Training. This is the only truck driving school in Warren, Michigan.

At Samba Express Driver Training, you can prepare for Class A or Class B licensure. The Class A program may take about six weeks, while the Class B program can likely be completed in less than two weeks.