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CDL Training Near Port Huron

Located near the Canadian border, Port Huron is an important city in the country’s trucking routes. Nearly 30,000 people call Port Huron home. A variety of highways, including M-25 and M-146, run through Port Huron. Some of the biggest employers in this area are Martin Transportation Systems, Paul & Sons Trucking, and Forton’s Express.Have you been wondering how you can put your physical endurance, hard work, and attention to detail to work for you? It’s time to look into a career in truck driving. Truck drivers are in very high demand as the country’s need for transported goods continues to rise. There are two truck driving schools in Port Huron: Baker College and St. Clair County Community College. Although the average tuition cost is $6,936, the average scholarship award is $2,072.

Port Huron trucking programs offer a lot of practical experience. After mastering Michigan driving laws, you get to get into a big rig and learn how to drive it.On average, drivers of heavy trucks and tractor-trailers earn $39,510 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that light truck drivers earn an average of $33,140 per year (BLS, 2013).