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CDL Training Near Kincheloe

The small town of Kincheloe is located near many major trucking cities in Michigan. Several large highways run through this city, including I-75 and Michigan Highway 80. The cost of living in this city is almost 20% below the national average. Local trucking employers include Hogan, Gaylor Trucking, and Northfield Trucking.With its numerous rural communities and remote areas, Michigan is a state that relies a lot on trucking professionals. If you’re interested in starting a career in this thriving field, consider attending truck driving school in Kincheloe.

There is one truck driving school in Kincheloe: International Trucking School. This school offers trucking classes that start on a regular basis, permitting you to begin your education whenever you are ready. You may have the option of earning a Class A license, which prepares you to drive tractor-trailers, or a Class B license, which prepares you to drive straight trucks.