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CDL Training Near Kalamazoo

As one of the largest cities in Michigan, Kalamazoo is home to over 77,000 people. Despite the size of the city, the cost of living is still very low. Major Kalamazoo highways include I-94, Michigan Highway 43, and Michigan Highway 96. Local employers include Alpha Delivery Services and Lewis C. Howard.With so many small, rural communities in Michigan, it’s no surprise that the state really relies on its trucking professionals. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities available in this field, consider attending Eaton Roadranger Truck Driving Training. At this school, you can prepare for your Class A driver’s license exam.

At Eaton Roadranger Truck Driving Training, you can attend school and easily transition to a truck driving career. Because of this company’s connections in the local trucking industry, you can find a job quickly. Many students even get hired before they earn their license.The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy truck drivers in this region can earn a median salary of about $37,760 each year. The average yearly salary for a light truck driver in and around Kalamazoo is $28,320 (BLS, 2013), which is a bit below the national average.