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CDL Training Near Grayling

There are numerous truck driving companies in Grayling, including Prestige Delivery, Dana Transport, and Ras of Northern Michigan. You may need to navigate local highways like Michigan Highway 93, U.S. Route 127, and Michigan Highway 72. Grayling boasts a cost of living that’s 23% below the national average.If you want to start a career in one of Michigan’s largest industries, perhaps it’s time to start looking into truck driving schools in your area. In the city of Grayling, International Trucking School is the primary truck driving school. You can prepare for your Class A driver’s license exam while attending this school.

Your time in driving school will likely be split between two settings. You may start in the classroom by learning about driving laws and other important driving information. You can then work one-on-one with your instructor to learn how to drive a straight truck or tractor-trailer.