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CDL Training Near Fenton

There are any local trucking companies in Fenton that may have job openings after you complete your education. Local companies include R & R Freight Lines, JRC Hauling, Smith Dallas Trucking, and Ranger Transportation. You may spend lots of time on local highways, like U.S. Route 23 and Michigan Highway 87. Currently, about 11,500 people live in Fenton.If you want to begin a truck driving career in Michigan and drive all over the Midwest, Fenton may be a great place to start your education. There’s one truck driving school in this area. U.S. Truck Driver Training School allows you to earn a Class A or Class B driver’s license.

The Class A program at U.S. Truck Driver Training School only lasts three weeks, so you may be able to earn your license fairly quickly. The Class B program at this location only lasts 40 hours, so you can earn your license in one week.