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CDL Training Near Escanaba

Escanaba has a very low cost of living. Numerous important highways run through Escanaba, including Michigan State Highway 35, U.S. Route 2, U.S. Highway 2, and U.S. Highway 41. Local trucking companies include A.M. Express, Dow Dawson Trucking, and Niagara Logistics.The Upper Peninsula of Michigan has a thriving truck driving industry, thanks to its many remote communities and rural areas. If you’re willing to drive around Michigan, you can look into becoming a truck driver. In the city of Escanaba, there’s one truck driving school: North Country Truck Driving School.

During truck driving school, you may gain experience driving on city roads in Michigan as well as major highways. You can also learn about Michigan’s driving laws and how to comply with regulations in the truck driving industry. By the time you graduate, you may have the skills you need to apply for a commercial driver’s license.