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CDL Training Near Brockton

About 94,000 people call Brockton home. Some of the biggest trucking routes in the area include Massachusetts Route 24, Route 27, and Route 123. Significant diesel employers include Transportech, T & J Frye Trucking, Brockton Courier, Colonial Trucking, and Mackin Truck Company.Would you like to begin a new career that allows you to take care of diesel vehicles all over Massachusetts? If you have always been interested in fixing vehicles, consider a degree in diesel technology. In Brockton, Massasoit Community College is the only college that offers this degree. Tuition in this area is about $4,056 and the average scholarship award is $333.

To earn a degree in diesel technology at Massasoit Community College, you should plan on earning at least 63 credits. When you graduate, you can receive an Associate’s degree in this field. Required courses include Engine Principles and Electronic Engine Diagnostics.