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CDL Training Near Wye Mills

Attend Truck Driving School in Wye Mills and Enjoy the Freedom of the Open Road

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a new career without going thousands of dollars into debt, perhaps you’ve considered truck driving. This field is a popular choice because of how quickly and inexpensively you can complete your education and start earning money. In Wye Mills, Chesapeake College is the only school that offers truck driving courses. In addition to CDL-A programs, they may also offer endorsements, such as HazMat and others. Having additional qualifications can widen the scope of opportunities available for you.

Get the CDL Training You Need

Depending on which semester you plan on attending school, you may have different training courses available to you. Class A programs are the most popular, since they are designed to prepare you for most available truck driving jobs. However, you may also be able to go to a Class B course.

The Trucking Life in Wye Mills

With only 354 residents, Wye Mills is one of the smallest cities in Maryland. However, it is still home to a booming trucking industry. The city is very close to major highways I-50 and State Highway 662. Trucking companies in Wye Mills include Inter Rail Transport and Ronnie J. Moore Grain Hauling.

In this region, there are over 100 heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that these truck drivers earn an average of $33,190 per year (BLS, 2013).

Find out how quickly you can step into the cab of a big rig! Contact Chesapeake College today to find out more!