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CDL Training Near Grantsville

With under 800 people, Grantsville is one of the smallest towns in Maryland. However, it still has many trucking companies. Local highways, including Maryland Route 495, go through this town. Some of the most important trucking employers in Grantsville include Sebold Trucking and Miller Transportation.Like many New England cities, Grantsville has a large trucking industry that can be excellent for you if you want to start a new career. This city is home to one truck driving school: the Diesel Institute of America. This school has many connections in the community, which allows you to find a job more quickly after graduation. You can use the school’s connections to find a job shortly after—or even before—graduation.

If you plan on earning a Class A driver’s license, you are looking at a six-week commitment. This requires you to attend class full-time. A Class B program is considerably shorter.Trucking professionals that intend to drive heavy trucks in this part of Garrett County earn an average salary of $37,570 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Light truck drivers take in an average of $29,330 each year (BLS, 2013), which is below the national average.