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CDL Training Near Frederick

With large employers like Blackhorse Carriers, Richard B. Rudy, and Hank’s Courier Services, Frederick has quite a few job opportunities for new truck drivers. Further, the cost of living in this city is almost 20% below the national average. Highways that run through this city include I-270 and State Highway 180.While the economy may fluctuate in many other areas, the trucking industry generally stays strong. Few other industries are so important in so many lives. By becoming a truck driver in Frederick, you can travel all over New England and start a rewarding new career. There are two schools in the Frederick area with trucking programs: Professional Truck Driver Program and Frederick Community College.

Since truck driving programs start year-round, you can begin your training whenever it suits your schedule. If you want to drive large tractor-trailers, you can earn a Class A license. To drive straight trucks, you need a Class B license.